Even though we've been tweeps for a long time and he's always fun to tweet with ... when I asked the amazing Claude Bouchard to do a guest post for me, I must admit... I was kind-of just tossing it out there.  You know the only stupid question is the one you never ask, right?  I really didn't expect the quick response he gave me saying yes!   So when I gave him a gentle nudge by way of tweet last week to remind him  ( I did not use the words he states below.. lol ... although that's what I meant :-) I was thrilled when he came through with the most wonderful post!  Thank you so much Claude!! You are a sweetie!  Was I supposed to let people know that?

Several weeks ago, the charming Patricia Carrigan asked me if I’d
be interested in doing a guest post on her blog and I heartily agreed.
Therefore, when she dropped me a note the other day saying, “Dude, get your ass
into gear,”I said, “Sheesh,” to myself, of course, and got to work.

Though Patricia had made some suggestions of the type of post she
might want, she also made the mistake of mentioning that I was writing the
piece, which put ME in the driver’s seat. Hehehehe…

what I really wanted was an interview but did Pat come up with even one
question? Nooooo… I had to do all the work. Mind you, I’d never suggested to her
I wanted an interview, mainly because I hadn’t thought of it until now, but
still. Regardless, I decided an interview was the way to go so what follows is
ME interviewing MYSELF in “A Half-Dozen Questions”.

A Half-Dozen Questions

ME: Hi, Claude, and allow me to start by thanking you for agreeing to
participate in the first-ever installment of “A Half-Dozen

MYSELF: Uh, yeah, right. Can we get on with this because I’m already
feeling like Sybil’s cousin.

ME: Sure thing, Claude. I’ll start with something book related but
then we’ll move on to questions to learn more about you.

MYSELF: Whatever. Let’s get this thing going cuz I’ve got some baby-back
ribs just waiting to get on the grill for dinner.

ME: Hope you didn’t forget about me *chuckle*. OK, how much of the
violence depicted in your crime thrillers is reflective of your life


MYSELF: Though my novels are not exact depictions of my life experiences,
I must admit that most scenes are based, at least in part, on actual things I’ve
done, excluding any beating, stabbing, shooting, slaying, killing, murdering or
other violent activities, all of which I made up.

ME: Good to know, considering all the time I spend with you. Next
question. Do you prefer briefs or boxers?

MYSELF: Hmmm… That’s a strange question, kind of like if one would ask if
I prefer warm weather or cheesecake, but I’ll give it a go. Having never
practiced law or been involved in the courts, my familiarity with briefs is
somewhat limited past knowing they are documents containing all the facts and points of law
pertinent to specific cases, filed by attorneys before arguing said cases in
court. Boxers, on the other hand, are guys who wear big gloves and baggy shorts
and punch each other out until one is down, a rather violent sport if you ask
me. That said, I guess I’m indifferent to one or the other.

ME: Well put, Claude. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now, the
question to which thousands have been dying to learn the answer, who cuts your

MYSELF: I’m proud to say that my wife, Joanne, cuts my hair and then lets
me cut hers to get even. We also wear a lot of cool hats.

ME: And don’t forget the bandannas. If you were a tree, what kind of
tree would you be and why?

MYSELF: Why the hell would I be a tree and how the hell should I know why
I’d be that kind of tree? Next question, idiot.

ME: Takes one to know one. Moving along. What is your biggest pet

MYSELF: It’s tough to narrow it down to one so I’ll give you my top three.
First, when I’m out taking a walk and suddenly get attacked by a cluster of
giant tarantulas, I just hate that. Secondly, when I’m traveling and the plane
I’m in crashes, that can get me pretty riled up as well. Last but not least,
when someone gets into the “6 items or less” supermarket checkout line with more
than six items, I can get rather annoyed.

ME: Yes, that checkout line thing makes my blood boil. And a final
question for you. With your experience, formerly in the corporate world and now
as a thriller author with seven novels under his belt, do you have any advice
you’d like to share with the folks out there?

MYSELF: I do indeed. Friends, regardless of your lot in life, strive to be
the best you can at all times, treat others with the respect you wish others to
bestow upon you and lastly, treat yourself to some fine entertainment once in a
while by reading my thrillers. In closing, I’d like to thank ME for this
wonderful interview and a special THANK YOU goes out to the wonderful Patricia
Carrigan for letting ME and MYSELF use her platform to present it.

Claude's Books! "Thrillers so believable they
could be non-fiction...

A bit about Vigilante!!

 Montreal . . . the long, hot summer of 1996. . .

. . . and in the dark  of night, moving like a shadowy wraith, a vigilante prowls the city's

The targets of his bloody rampage: the worst of the worst. 

Murderers. Gangbangers. Rapists.

Six months. Sixteen murders. The harried police are still without a clue . . .

. . . until the day they receive an email from the assassin himself.

Lieutenant Dave McCall, head of Montreal's Special Homicide Task Force, needs help to crack the secrets of the killer's taunting message. He calls on an expert--Chris Barry, who runs a  security firm specializing in computer communications.

Together, McCall  and Barry launch a grim quest to track down a man who preys on
predators--an  urgent quest to bring this remorseless killer to justice.

But whose  justice will prevail: theirs--or the vigilante's?

There are so many thrilling books to read... I recommend you start with the first one and keep going!! lol

Thanks again Claude!

Patti :)



05/28/2012 13:37

Excellent interview, if I do say so myself. :)

05/28/2012 15:02

Hi Me and Myself and Pat! LOL Hilarious and nice to see the funny side of authors, too. I didn't want to pop in and not say hi. Have a great finish to your holiday weekend and enjoy those ribs! Heading to your website!

05/28/2012 15:11

Hi, Deanna, All of us thank you for the visits! :)

05/28/2012 15:31

Hilarious! Wonderful post!

05/28/2012 17:36

Hi, Scott! Thanks for dropping by to meet me, uh, us, uh, you know what I mean. :)

05/28/2012 16:03

Great post. Thanks Patricia, for sending me the link to another crime writer's deep and disturbing inner thoughts!
Toby Neal

05/28/2012 17:39

Hi, Toby, Trust me, my friend. These were my tame and playful thoughts. :)

05/28/2012 16:22

Thank you for sharing. Great post that made me smile :0) well done Paricia.

05/28/2012 17:42

Hey, Kevin, Yes, Patricia did a wonderful job, Just be wary if she ever offers to interview you. :)

05/28/2012 16:33

Wonderful. One of the best interviews you've never done Patti. Unlike Claude who's natural wit and charm carried him through with the nice interviewer, I wouldn't do that as I'm not sure I could be civil with a fool like myself.
A fun read.

05/28/2012 17:45

Hi, David, I know what you mean about the civil thing. I held it together during the interview but ignored myself all evening once I was done. :)

05/28/2012 18:32

Great interview Claude, I like the way you were firm with yourself. I've been known to talk to myself when everyone's ignoring me on twitter so it was a relief to see someone else do it. Patricia knows what she's talking about, and as we all know Amber loves your books, so you are now on my 'to-read' list.

05/29/2012 07:55

Hi, Dionne, Yes, every once in a while, I have to get tough with myself, otherwise, I can become rather unruly. Also, I'm pleased to see you've been influenced by Amber's brilliance. :)

05/28/2012 21:19

Hello, Claude. I received a tweet from Patricia that she had the interview of the century on her site and it didn't disappoint. Well done! Patricia really asks the tought questions, doesn't she? And they aren't softball questions, either. I was particularly impressed with her briefs vs boxers question, as well as your impressive answer. ;)


05/29/2012 07:58

Hey, James! Yes, I was impressed by Patricia's questions but what left me particularly proud is that I'm the one who came up with them. That Pat is a wily one. :)

Carrie Green
05/29/2012 02:43

Claude, I must applaud you on the best answer for the brief/boxer question that I've ever heard in all my years as a PR rep. You are one smooth talking writer! Very entertaining interview!

05/29/2012 08:01

Thanks, Carrie. My mind does work in mysterious ways. It scares me sometimes... :)

05/29/2012 21:07

An interview like this and Claude's writing horror? Um, why not humor? My book has a teen with an alter-ego. Claude could be a PI team with an alter-ego, Terry Pratchett Discworld style, but hit closer to home.


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