Okay, so if you don't know by now, I have now put up a Nothing Box!
A Nothing Box is the part of your brian where you just put non-sense and where all the random stuff that you think about is stored. It also happens to be were all my writer's block comes from so I decided to show you guys what exactly blocks my writing from time to time.
Another fact about a nothing box is that some people say that women, do not have a nothing box because we just tend to sort all of our thoughts out neatly while men, on the other hand, have to have a nothing box because it is the reason why they could just 'zone out' and be completly happy or, i should say, content with it.
I'm not sure if I completely agree with that point of view on the nothing box because I tend to show signs of having one. :) So I'm sharing it with all of you readers :)
I hope you guys enjoy the new page :)
I'll write soon!!
<3 Patricia Carrigan
So, I really like Alice in Wonderland... a lot. :) And as you probably already know, I also think drawing is a good way to get rid of writer's block. :) What I'm trying to get at is that I drew another picture. :) Enjoy!
What music I listen to tends to really effect how I write.
In fact, that might be that way for a lot of people. My creative writing teacher was telling us a few weeks ago and she was saying that (depending on the tempo of the song that you're listening to) you're writing tends to be different. I guess what she meant was that if the tempo sounds bouncy, then the words you use and how you use them is 'bouncy'.
I'm not sure if it really works that way for me, haha. With me it seems more like if I need to get into a 'dark' mood to write stuff like Jocelyn drinking blood or things like Emil being devious and untrusting with all his twistedness, I tend to listen to Evanescence, or upsetting songs or... any song that has an angry or sad background to it. It helps.
BUT it doesn't mean that I can't write that stuff with different music. I'm just saying it helps :)

It's also how people tend to feel like writing at certain time of day. Some people like writing in the morning when it's nice and cool, some people like writing in the afternoon when they have nothing else to do. Me, on the other hand, I like to write at night. It helps me get into a nice dark mood easily when it's dark outside. I also like to write at night because throughout the day I could be getting new ideas or forming old ideas into better ones, so it's nice to get it all down at the end of the day.

I'll be writing again soon,
<3 Patricia Carrigan
Heyyyy everyonnnnnneeee!
I've been pretty busy lately. But no worries, I've still been keeping to writing Part II of Antiserum. :) I recently found out that not only is it know around my school but it is also a catch-phrase and said in a rocker voice. It's pretty entertaining.
One way to get through some writers block that I have found to be quite entertaining is to write random stuff... for like twenty minutes. It just gets all of that random stuff that keeps you thinking while you work, just out of your head. Trust me it works. And today, while doing my twenty minutes of random journal write, I happened to write a poem. And it is very random. It is called Ode to Potatoes:

Ode to Potatoes
You're round and thick
With dirty skin and many eyes
There's many ways to serve you
I'll never get sick
Mashed, fried, hashed, baked
Oh, potatoes, you're mine to thank.

You see, when I did this, it basically cleared my head because for some odd reason, I was thinking of a potato and it just so happens that someone I know LOVES potatoes, so, while putting myself into her potato-loving train of thought, I wrote this random poem.
It's really crazy to find other ways to rid yourself of writer's block, which is something I tend to switch every once in a while, I can't always munch on my favorite pretzels (I might get tired of them). Haha.

I'll see if I could release a couple of sneek peeks to my next book soon!

<3 Patricia Carrigan